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St. Petersburg is famous for its theatrical life.

On our site you can find the repertoire of major theaters of St. Petersburg.

For any questions related to purchasing tickets to these and any other city theaters, you can contact us by email russia@open-tour.ru or by phone 8 (812) 312-88-86.

MARIINSKY THEATRE (Main Stage and New Stage)
Mariinsky Theatre is one of the most famous music theaters in Russia.Every day in St. Petersburg come a lot of people only to visit the famous operas and ballets, performed by the Mariinsky Theatre's troupe, which has its chronology from 1783.
At the Mariinsky's stage took place the world premieres of many masterpieces of Russian classical operas. Among them – Glinka's opera a Life for theTsar, Mussorgsky's Boris Godunov, Borodin's Prince Igor, Rimsky-Korsakov's TheMaid of Pskov. There were premieres of ballets Glazunov's Raymonda and Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty.
During its golden age, around the turn of the 20th century, Russia's top ballet stars graced the Mariinsky's stage, including Anna Pavlova, Matilda Ksechinskaya, Vatslav Nijinsky and Tamara Karsavina. The repertoire has always included and includes the best works of foreign art.
The gorgeous ornamentation of the theater in addition to a brilliant performance of classical and contemporary works of theater troupe and guest artists will bring you indelible impression.
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Imperial Mikhailovsky Theatre went down in history of the Russia as one of the most exciting theaters of XIX - beginning of XX century.

On 8 November 1833, onthe name day ofthe Grand duke Mikhail, brother of Emperor Nicholay I,the curtain rose for the first time inthe new theatre. The same year the French troupe, which had previously shared the stage with Russian actors inanother recently completed theatre, moved into the new building. Thus began the eighty-five year-long life ofthe French Theatre in St.Petersburg. Itwas run bythe Imperial Theatres Company, which was under the direct control ofthe Ministry ofthe Imperial Court.

In1921the theatre got the name ofthe Maly Petrograd State Academic Theatre. Ballets byLeonid Jacobson and Pyotr Gusev, Yury Grigorovich and Boris Eifman, Nikita Dolgushin and Konstantin Boyarsky were staged inthe Maly Theatre. In1963, the theatre received the official status ofnot only anopera but also aballet theatre. In2007the theatre got the original name back— the Mikhailovsky Theatre.

Today the theater lives bright and eventful life, remember of its imperial past and the best traditions formed during the XX century.

After the reconstruction, rehabilitated gala ornamentation of the hall lets comfortable spend an evening, as during a performance so during an intermission.

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Alexandrinsky Theatre is one of the oldest professional theaters in Europe and one of the most famous theaters in St. Petersburg, on the stage which took almost all world premieres of Russian classical dramatic works.Its architectural ensemble designed by Karl Rossi in memorial of Russia victory over Napoleon is real monument of Russian architecture and one of the finest ensembles of St. Petersburg in the Russian classicism style.

Since 1937, the theater is called the Pushkin State Academic Drama Theatre.Widely known the name of the theater by the building - Alexandrinsky: in 1832 by the decree of Nicholay I the new building in the heart of the capital was so named in honor of his wife, Alexandra.
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